Welcome to www.MissElizabeth.com!
Welcome to MissElizabeth.com!!

Updated as of September 5, 2011

For the final time - Welcome to MissElizabeth.com!

Over the years, I've come to believe that by running an Elizabeth website, the webmaster has a certain responsibility to uphold the honor and integrity of not just the Miss Elizabeth character, but the legacy of Elizabeth, the person. Each webmaster of previous Elizabeth sites has done this in their own individual ways. For me, it all started with Ultimate Miss Elizabeth Shrine. From there, the torch was passed to Miss-Elizabeth.com and then eventually to us here at MissElizabeth.com. Each one of these sites has paid tribute in their own ways while also maintaining the integrity of Elizabeth and each has been very successful. With over 6.3 million hits in 2010, I take great pride in knowing that this site has been the longest lasting - and most successful - of any site dedicated solely to Miss Elizabeth!

Although you can always count on my return should the need present itself, I think it's important to have a new perspective on Elizabeth's legacy from time to time. Therefore, the time has come for me to pass the torch. Before I do, there are a few people I would like to thank. First and foremost- Chrissy, Renee and Johnny. It's true when I say that without my team, this site would not exist. They have supplied the content, the motivation and the support but most of all, they are my friends and I cannot thank them enough. Secondly- the most dedicated Liz fans in the world, our forum members! Our members are the heart and soul of the site. When I see the friendships that have been formed and the in-person meets that take place, I know it's all been worth it. Members, thank you for your constant support of me and this site! Last, but certainly not least, you! To the thousands of you from nearly 110 countries that visit this site every year, thank you for your continued support through the years!

Please be sure to keep in touch! You will always be able to reach me by email at kevin@misselizabeth.com or you can follow me on Twitter @KevPG13.

Tomorrow, Absinthe will be opening her new site. MissElizabeth.net will have lots of new features, an all new look, and some familiar names and faces. Please join me in wishing Absinthe all the best with her new site! I know with your support it'll go on to become a great success!

For a "Lifetime of Memories", thank you. See you at MissElizabeth.net!

"Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending."

With that quote in mind, I could think of no better way of closing this site than with a tribute video. So, this one is dedicated to anyone who has ever visited this site and, of course, to Elizabeth and Randy.