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Updated as of: October 1, 2013

Welcome back to! Hopefully you've had a great summer!

As of today, October 1, The Forum at is closed. We've decided to move our community over to our Facebook page. If you haven't already, please take a minute to find our group on Facebook called "Remembering Miss Elizabeth". Fans from all over the world are members and new pictures and discussions are started daily. If you've been a member of our Forum, thank you! A forum has always been a part of this site and it's success has always been because of you!

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, you may recognize today's update. Due to the forum's closure, we will be adding previous "Tweet This!" pages to the main site. For those of you not following us on Twitter, enjoy!

How It All Began

Elizabeth Before The "Miss"

Ever wonder how it all began? From the archives, here's an article written by former co-webmaster James that gives a little insight to Elizabeth's life before she became "Miss Elizabeth".


How It Ended

Randy Savage Interviews with Radio WWE

In 1993, Macho Man Randy Savage interviewed with Radio WWE. During the interview, the subject of Randy and Elizabeth's divorce was brought up. Here's the transcript from that conversation detailing Randy's official version of the breakup between he and Eizabeth. More

Video by Karen Stanton

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